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The lecturer reserves the right to make changes to this schedule, so check it occasionally to see if there have been changes. The most likely changes are extra details on lecture content and references to the text. Click on the topic name to get one slide per page, and the print version to get 6 slides per page.
WeekTopicBook RefPrint FormatVideo
1 Course Introduction multi-slide format lecture video
Operating Systems and Hardware Overview 1multi-slide format lecture video
2 R3000 Overview and System Calls 1.6multi-slide format lecture video
R3000 Overview and System Calls lecture video
3 Processes And Threads 2-2.2multi-slide format lecture video
Concurrency and Synchronisation 2.3-2.3.7,2.5multi-slide format lecture video
4 Concurrency and Synchronisation (continued) lecture video
Deadlock 6 - 6.6multi-slide format lecture video
5 Deadlock (continued) lecture video
Process and Thread Implementation 3multi-slide format lecture video
6 File Management 4multi-slide format lecture video
File Management Part 2 4multi-slide format
My 13/04/16 recording (experienced sound interference) lecture video
Echo360 version 13/04/16 (with a little sound post-processing) lecture video
Case Study: Ext2 multi-slide format
7 File Management (continued) multi-slide format lecture video
File Management (continued) lecture video
8 Memory Management 3multi-slide format lecture video
Memory Management (cont) lecture video
9 Virtual Memory 3multi-slide format lecture video
Virtual Memory II 3multi-slide format lecture video

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