Welcome Notices

Exam relevant tutorial questions (Posted by Gabriele, Sun Nov 20)
There was a typo in the previous notice: It said all of Week8 instead of Week 9. Week 8 are assignment questions, and not directly relevant for the exam. Thanks to Richard Croft and Nich Young for pointing this out.
Exam relevant tutorial questions (Posted by Gabriele, Wed Nov 17)
To get an idea of the type of questions you can expect in the exam, have a look at the following tutorial questions:
  • Week 2: all
  • Week 4: all but Q 5 (would not expect you to have memorised all the system calls used in the code)
  • Week 6: all
  • Week 7: all but q 15
  • Week 9: all
  • Week 10: all
  • Week 12: all
  • Week 13: all
  • Week 14: all

Exam Consultation (Posted by Gabriele, Mon Nov 8)
There are not fixed exam consultation times. In case you would like to discuss questions you might have about the course material, please contact me so we can schedule a meeting.
Course Survey (Posted by Gabriele, Mon Nov 8)
The course survey is available now. You should receive an email today containing the instructions on how to access it. Thanks in advance for your feedback!
Course Survey (Posted by Gabriele, Fri Nov 5)
The course survey will be up shortly - I will send an email to the course mailing list as soon as it is accessible.
Assignment 3 Spec (Posted by Gabriele, Tue Oct 12)
The spec states that you can ignore the pid in the TLB if you flush the TLB before each context switch. Please note that this does not mean you can completely ignore the pid - you need to store the pid of a page in the frame table. Since there is no pid field in the pcb, use the address space pointer to uniquely identify a thread.
Assignment 3 is out (Posted by Cameron, Thu Oct 7)
Assignment 3 has been released! It challenges you to implement a virtual memory system. Please note that there are two deliverables: a simplified version one week before the deadline, and the full version, due on the 1st of November. For details, please consult the spec.
Provisional marks for Assignment 1 are available (Posted by Cameron, Fri Wed 17)
The provisional automarking for assignment 1 is now complete. You can view your automarking result using '~cs3231/bin/classrun -sturec'. This mark is only provisional, and may change. You can also view the test results by collecting the assignment in the usual way. (classrun -collect asst1)
Extra Consultations for Assignment 2 (Posted by Cameron, Thu Sep 16)
Patryk Zardarnowski will be holding Assignment 2 consultations in week 9. They will be on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for that week only. See the consultations page for more details.
Assignment 2 is out! (Posted by Cameron, Mon Sep 6)
Assignment 2 is now released. In this assignment you will be implementing a set of file and process-related system calls. Upon completion, your operating system will be able to run multiple copies of a single application at user-level and perform some basic file I/O.
Change of Lecturer (Posted by Gabriele, Fri Aug 27)
Unfortunately, due to health problems, Lucy will not be able to continue lecturing, so I will be giving the lectures from now on.
Small bug found in prime_driver.c (Posted by Cameron, Wed Aug 18)
A student (bjsa046) helpfully pointed out a bug in prime_driver.c. I've now fixed the version in our source tree. To fix it you can either copy the new prime_driver.c from our tree, or just fix the file yourself as described here.
FAQs are now in the Knowledge Base (Posted by Cameron, Tue Aug 17)
I've now updated the knowledge base on the forums to include all the information from previous years FAQs. Please have a look there before posting questions to the forums. They are searchable, and you can even propose entries yourself.
Assignment 1 (Posted by Gabriele, Tue Aug 17)
Assignment 1 has been released!
OS/161 / Sys161 page updated (Posted by Cameron, Mon Aug 9)
The OS/161 page has now been updated. It now has links to the latest(1.4) versions of the cs161 tools to get everything running at home. You can navigate there from the menu on the left under Resources -> OS/161 -> General. If you've installed the old 1.3 tools, I strongly recommend updating them. (They install a lot easier under cygwin, too)
The Forums are now Online (Posted by Cameron, Mon, Aug 2)
The forums are now up and running. Be the first to post to them! To get on, first click on the "Can't login?" link to get a password. Your cse password will not work. This is where you should post all your questions about the course, the lectures, the tutorials, and anything else you can think of. The forums will be monitored by the tutors, and we will answer questions that are worthy. Feel free to answer other students questions if you feel confident. You will not be punished for attempting to help.
Welcome to Operating Systems Course (Posted by Gabriele, Mon, Jul 26)
Welcome to OS, Session 2! The first lecture is tonight, 18:00 - 21:00 in Keith Burrows Theater
It's a whole new session! (Posted by Cameron, Thu, Jul 22)
If you're looking for last sessions web page, it will be available shortly.