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Assignment 3 Tally (Updated hourly)
278 submitted out of 294
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Supplementary Exam Date and Time (Posted by Kevin, Thu May 19)
Here is the Supplementary Final Exam time for those that have been notified that they qualify. The sup exam will be on May 24th at 2pm to 4:20pm. The details are the same as for the past final exam, so please review past exam announcements again if you'd like to know more details.
Future notices on Ed Forum!! (Posted by Kevin, Thu Feb 10)
I am posting announcements on Ed Forum for the remainder of the semester. Thus see Ed Forum for more recent notices.
Welcome video (Posted by Kevin, Thu Feb 10)
Welcome to the OS course. I've posted a introduction video on the course web site. It provides an overview of the course and the coming term.
Another year begins (Posted by Kevin, Mon Feb 4)
A fresh new web site will grow from these humble beginnings.