Welcome Notices

Assignment 3 automarks (Posted by Simon, Wed Nov 16)
Here are the auto marks for assignment 3. Also, assignment 2 has been marked and is ready for collection.

Assignment 3 released (Posted by Simon, Fri Oct 14)
Assignment 3 is now available.
Assignment 2 deadline (Posted by Simon, Fri Oct 7)
The deadline for submitting assignment 2 without losing marks is now 8am Monday Oct 10. Note that if you submit after the 8th, you will get a message like 'this submission is X days late' --- we will not take marks off for assignments submitted before 8am on the 10th. Note, however, that the hard deadline for submissions (after which you receive 0) is still the 15th.
Forum back up (Posted by Simon, Fri Oct 7)
The forum is back up.
Assignment 1 auto-marks (Posted by Simon, Thur Sept 15)
Here are the preliminary results for the assignment 1 auto-marking (out of a possible 13 marks). Groups without a mark had compilation problems --- I am looking into it.
Group Mark Group Mark Group Mark Group Mark
200 13 203 13 204 13 206 13
209 13 216 13 217 13 218 13
219 13 220 13 221 13 212 9
205 8 202 6 214 6 210 3
213 3 223 2 211 1 226 1
232 1 208 222 215 0

Away (Posted by Gabriele, Mon Sept 12)
I will be overseas until Week 10. Kevin Elphinstone will be giving the lecture Monday in a week on Security. The week after that is midsession break, and Monday Week 10 is Labour day, so no lecture, only tutes. If you have any admin related problems or questions (eg, groups), please contact Simon Winwood.
Assignment 2 released (Posted by Simon, Fri Sept 9)
Assignment 2 is now available, due 8am Saturday October 10th (changed). Note the 48hour deadlines is Monday, midnight.
Assignment 1 released (Posted by Gabriele, Fri Aug 19)
Spec has been updated ( pipe_destroy: clarification)
Assignment 1 released (Posted by Gabriele, Thu Aug 18)
Assignment 1 deadline is not the 29/8 as originally stated in the spec, but the 5/9!
Assignment 1 released (Posted by Gabriele, Wed Aug 17)
Assignment 1 spec is now available. Everyone should be in a group by now. Anybody who didn't nominate a group partner by midday today has been assigned to a group and should have received notification by email. I might have missed someone (the database is only updated in certain intervals), so if you're not in a group yet, please contact me immediately.
Tute cancelled: 4/8/2005, Thursday, 12:00 (Posted by Gabriele, Thu Aug 4)
I just received notice that Nick who teaches the 12:00 tute today (Thursday) has been involved in an accident. Apparently, it is not serious, but he won't be able to make it to the tute in time. I haven't been able to organise a replacement tutor so far, so unfortunately we have to cancel this tute (only for this week). If you want to attend an alternative tute, check here
Forum (Posted by Gabriele, Tue Aug 2)
Assignment 0 is out now. Please try and join a group by the end of this week the latest, so I can set up the group accounts. Until the accounts are set up, you can't do the group account related parts of the assignment.
Forum (Posted by Gabriele, Fri Jul 29)
The forum is set up now. I left some of last semester's threads which are still of interest (CVS etc) in the main forum. The threads concerning last semester's assignments are in the archive.
Lecture Notes (Posted by Gabriele, Fri Jul 29)
Group nominations are open now (see menu, under "Admin"). Please log in and nomiate a partner for the assignments.
Lecture Notes (Posted by Gabriele, Tue Jul 26)
The lecture notes are available now (see menu, under "Work"). In future, lecture notes will be available shortly before the lecture. Please let me know if you experience any problems (invalid links) or typos and the like.
Welcome to Operating Systems, Session 2 (Posted by Gabriele, Thu Jul 21)
The course intro is available now. Watch this space for more information.
Last session's web page available (Posted by Kevin, Thu Jul 21)
For those still "um-ing and ah-ing", I have made available last sessions web pages for you to get an idea of what is involved with the course.
New web site for this session (Posted by Kevin, Thu July 21)
The new web site for this session is now underway. Expect frequent updates to the site, with the important ones being announced here in the notices section.