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Moodle The video is hosted on Collaborate which can be accessed via Moodle
CSE Video The video is Camtasia generated and is hosted at CSE. It features text searching and a table of contents with slide thumbnails.
YouTube The video is hosted on YouTube
The lecturer reserves the right to make changes to this schedule, so check it occasionally to see if there have been changes. The most likely changes are extra details on lecture content and references to the text. Click on the topic name to get one slide per page, and the print version to get 6 slides per page.
WeekTopicBook RefPrint FormatVideo
1 Course Introduction multi-slide format
Computer Systems Overview 1.4multi-slide format
Operating Systems Overview (Part 1) 1.5multi-slide format
2 Operating Systems Overview (Part 2) 1.5multi-slide format
System Calls 1.5multi-slide format
Threads and Processes, Part I 2.2multi-slide format
3 Processes And Threads, Part II 2.2multi-slide format
Concurrency Control, Part O 2.3multi-slide format
Concurrency Control, Part II 2.3multi-slide format
4 Concurrency Control, Part III n/amulti-slide format
Deadlocks 3.1 - 3.7multi-slide format
Memory Management 4.1multi-slide format
5 Virtual Memory multi-slide format
6 IO Management, Part I 5multi-slide format
7 IO Management, Part II 5multi-slide format
Scheduling, Part I 5multi-slide format
Scheduling, Part II 5multi-slide format
8 Scheduling, Part III 5multi-slide format
9 Security 9multi-slide format
Security II 9multi-slide format
10 No Lecture (Labour Day)
11 File Management, Part I 6multi-slide format
12 File Management, Part II 6multi-slide format
13 Distributed Systems 6multi-slide format
14 Final multi-slide format