[CSE] . COMP3231/9201/3891/9283 Operating Systems 2016/S1 [UNSW]

COMP3891/9283 Extended Lectures

The lecturer reserves the right to make changes to this schedule, so check it occasionally to see if there have been changes. The most likely changes are extra details on lecture content and references to the text. Click on the topic name to get one slide per page, and the print version to get 6 slides per page.

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WeekTopicBook RefPrint FormatVideo
1 No Lecture
2 Virtual Machines 7- 7.3multi-slide format lecture video
3 Virtual machines continued lecture video
4 ASST1 code walk through
5 Scheduler Activations 2.2.7multi-slide format lecture video
6 Log Structured File Systems multi-slide format lecture video
7 Anticipatory Disk Scheduling multi-slide format lecture video
Paper multi-slide format
8 ASST2 walk through multi-slide format lecture video
9 EOS Advanced Assignment 2 Tutorial multi-slide format lecture video

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