[CSE] . COMP3231/9201/3891/9283 Operating Systems 2017/S1 [UNSW]


Mon 16:00 Rm 402, K17Kevin1-13
Tue 16:00 Rm 402, K17Kevin1-13
Fri 13:00 Rm 402, K17Kevin1-13

Consultations are generally underutilised. To avoid wasting your and our time, we require you to register via email to cs3231@cse.unsw.edu.au (at least an hour before) that you would like a consultation. Registering and not showing up is heavily frowned upon, so please be timely in your arrival.

Note: Usually, a more timely response can be provided via the forums.

Depending on demand, we may offer additional consultations during the weeks prior to assignment deadlines and exams. They will be announced in the weeks available.

See (or mail) the lecturer in charge for any confidential issues, complaints about tutors or similar.

Please Remember: Your feedback is appreciated. The easiest way for us to learn about significant problems you are having is if you let us know early. This gives us time to address them and avoids small difficulties becoming big ones.

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