Automated Discovery of Geometrical Theorems in GeoGebra

Zoltán Kovács
(The Private University College of Education of the Diocese of Linz, Linz, Austria)
Jonathan H. Yu
(Gilman School Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

We describe a prototype of a new experimental GeoGebra command and tool, Discover, that analyzes geometric figures for salient patterns, properties, and theorems. This tool is a basic implementation of automated discovery in elementary planar geometry. The paper focuses on the mathematical background of the implementation, as well as methods to avoid combinatorial explosion when storing the interesting properties of a geometric figure.

In João Marcos, Walther Neuper and Pedro Quaresma: Proceedings 10th International Workshop on Theorem Proving Components for Educational Software (ThEdu'21), (Remote) Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, United States, 11 July 2021, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 354, pp. 1–12.
Published: 8th February 2022.

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