Assignment 3 FAQ


Assignment 0


What sys161.conf file are you talking about? I don't have one.
The configuration file in ~/cs3231/root from assignment 0 will work fine, providing you modify it as described in the assignment 3 spec.

If you´ve deleted it, you can download this one.

When I run the hostbin/host-mksfs command I get the following error: Why?
host-mksfs: DISK1.img: No such file or directory
Because you are trying to format an emulated disk that doesn't exist yet. You need to run sys161 first to create the disk as described in the spec.

I've run sys161 and there's still no DISK1.img file. Please, Great Sage, tell me why?
Probably because you haven't told sys161 to create one. Make sure you have a "disk" line in your sys161.conf file as described in the spec, then run sys161.


When the test program finishes, it doesn't seem to exit, and the menu starts responding really slowly. Have I done something wrong?
No. The exit syscall is unimplemented, and when it fails, the test program keeps retrying it forever. You can read src/lib/crt0/mips-crt0.S for the details.

For my submission, the build number does not match. Is this a problem?
The build number (shown below as an X)
version 0 (ASST0 #X)
is incremented each time you build your kernel. You do NOT have to match this with the number shown in the sample output. We will ignore it for testing purposes.