Assignment 0 FAQ


Assignment 0


When I try to compile my kernel, I get the following warning. How do I fix that?
Testing compilation ..../../SOMEFILE.C: In function 'function_name':
../../SOMEFILE.C:132:warning: implicit declaration of function 'complex_hello'
GCC is complaining because you have not declared a function prototype for complex_hello() before you call it. If you add one then the warning will go away. You do this by making a new header file and #include-ing it, remember to run "make depend".

You will not lose marks for having this warning in this assignment. You might lose style marks for it in later assignments.

For my submission, the build number does not match. Is this a problem?
The build number (shown below as an X)
version 0 (ASST0 #X)
is incremented each time you build your kernel. You do NOT have to match this with the number shown in the sample output. We will ignore it for testing purposes.