Michael Thielscher

School of Computer Science and Engineering
UNSW Australia

Associate Director
iCinema Research Centre
UNSW Australia

Adjunct Professor
School of Computing and Mathematics
Western Sydney University

Michael Thielscher

Open Positions

I am currently looking for highly-motivated students to join my research group, especially at the graduate level. Students interested in General Game Playing, Logic-Based Knowledge Representation, or Intelligent Agents should email me their CV / Résumé and a description of their interest.

Students already at UNSW should set up a meeting with me to discuss their research interests and background.

Possible Student Projects

This is an incomplete list of possible student projects / thesis topics:

General Game Playing

  • Solving Single-Player Games with Constraint Logic Programming
  • Applying Informed Search Methods to General Single-Player Games
  • Local Search Techniques for General Single-Player Games
  • Translating Game Descriptions into PDDL (Planning Domain Description Language)
  • Developing an Efficient Encoding for Game Rules
  • Reasoning About Actions in Imperfect-Information Games
  • Generating Game-Specific Knowledge to Improve Monte Carlo Tree Search
  • Theorem Proving for General Game Playing
  • Belief Revision for General Game Playing
  • Spatial Reasoning in General Games
  • General Game Playing for Security Games

Knowledge Representation and Intelligent Agents

  • Comparative Analysis of Solutions to the Ramification Problem in Reasoning About Actions
  • Comparing the Expressiveness of Action Languages
  • Developing a System for the Automated Verification of Modularity in Action Theories
  • Programming of FLUX Agents for Security Games
  • Integrating AgentSpeak and FLUX / ALPprolog
  • Developing a System for Retrograde Analysis in Chess