Michael Thielscher

School of Computer Science and Engineering
UNSW Australia

Michael Thielscher

Open Positions

I am currently looking for highly-motivated students to join my research group, especially at the graduate level. Students interested in General Game Playing, Logic-Based Knowledge Representation, or Intelligent Agents should email me their CV / Résumé and a description of their interest.

Students already at UNSW should set up a meeting with me to discuss their research interests and background.

Possible Student Projects

This is an incomplete list of possible student projects / thesis topics:

General Game Playing

  • Solving Single-Player Games with Constraint Logic Programming
  • Applying Informed Search Methods to General Single-Player Games
  • Local Search Techniques for General Single-Player Games
  • Translating Game Descriptions into PDDL (Planning Domain Description Language)
  • Developing an Efficient Encoding for Game Rules
  • Reasoning About Actions in Imperfect-Information Games
  • Generating Game-Specific Knowledge to Improve Monte Carlo Tree Search
  • Theorem Proving for General Game Playing
  • Belief Revision for General Game Playing
  • Spatial Reasoning in General Games
  • General Game Playing for Security Games

Knowledge Representation and Intelligent Agents

  • Comparative Analysis of Solutions to the Ramification Problem in Reasoning About Actions
  • Comparing the Expressiveness of Action Languages
  • Developing a System for the Automated Verification of Modularity in Action Theories
  • Programming of FLUX Agents for Security Games
  • Integrating AgentSpeak and FLUX / ALPprolog
  • Developing a System for Retrograde Analysis in Chess