Introduction to Functional Classes in CS1

Marco T. Morazán
(Seton Hall University)

Students introduced to programming using a design-based approach and a functional programming language become familiar with first-class functions. They rarely, however, connect first-class functions to objects and object-oriented program design. This is a missed opportunity because students inevitably go on to courses using an object-oriented programming language. This article describes how students are introduced to objects within the setting of a design-based introduction to programming that uses a functional language. The methodology exposes students to interfaces, classes, objects, and polymorphic dispatch. Initial student feedback suggests that students benefit from the approach.

In Peter Achten and Elena Machkasova: Proceedings Tenth and Eleventh International Workshop on Trends in Functional Programming In Education (TFPIE 2021/22), Kraków, Poland (online), 16th February 2021/16th March 2022, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 363, pp. 114–131.
Published: 26th July 2022.

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