Interacting Conceptual Spaces

Josef Bolt
(Univesity of Oxford)
Bob Coecke
(Univesity of Oxford)
Fabrizio Genovese
(Univesity of Oxford)
Martha Lewis
(Univesity of Oxford)
Daniel Marsden
(Univesity of Oxford)
Robin Piedeleu
(Univesity of Oxford)

We propose applying the categorical compositional scheme of [6] to conceptual space models of cognition. In order to do this we introduce the category of convex relations as a new setting for categorical compositional semantics, emphasizing the convex structure important to conceptual space applications. We show how conceptual spaces for composite types such as adjectives and verbs can be constructed. We illustrate this new model on detailed examples.

In Dimitrios Kartsaklis, Martha Lewis and Laura Rimell: Proceedings of the 2016 Workshop on Semantic Spaces at the Intersection of NLP, Physics and Cognitive Science (SLPCS 2016), Glasgow, Scotland, 11th June 2016, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 221, pp. 11–19.
Published: 2nd August 2016.

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