PyZX: Large Scale Automated Diagrammatic Reasoning

Aleks Kissinger
John van de Wetering

The ZX-calculus is a graphical language for reasoning about ZX-diagrams, a type of tensor networks that can represent arbitrary linear maps between qubits. Using the ZX-calculus, we can intuitively reason about quantum theory, and optimise and validate quantum circuits. In this paper we introduce PyZX, an open source library for automated reasoning with large ZX-diagrams. We give a brief introduction to the ZX-calculus, then show how PyZX implements methods for circuit optimisation, equality validation, and visualisation and how it can be used in tandem with other software. We end with a set of challenges that when solved would enhance the utility of automated diagrammatic reasoning.

In Bob Coecke and Matthew Leifer: Proceedings 16th International Conference on Quantum Physics and Logic (QPL 2019), Chapman University, Orange, CA, USA., 10-14 June 2019, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 318, pp. 229–241.
Published: 1st May 2020.

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