Integrating an Automated Prover for Projective Geometry as a New Tactic in the Coq Proof Assistant

Nicolas Magaud
(ICube UMR 7357 CNRS - Université de Strasbourg)

Recently, we developed an automated theorem prover for projective incidence geometry. This prover, based on a combinatorial approach using matroids, proceeds by saturation using the matroid rules. It is designed as an independent tool, implemented in C, which takes a geometric configuration as input and produces as output some Coq proof scripts: the statement of the expected theorem, a proof script proving the theorem and possibly some auxiliary lemmas. In this document, we show how to embed such an external tool as a plugin in Coq so that it can be used as a simple tactic.

In Chantal Keller and Mathias Fleury: Proceedings Seventh Workshop on Proof eXchange for Theorem Proving (PxTP 2021), Pittsburg, USA, 11th July 2021, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 336, pp. 40–47.
Published: 7th July 2021.

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