Logical Judges Challenge Human Judges on the Strange Case of B.C.-Valjean

Viviana Mascardi
(University of Genova, DIBRIS, Italy)
Domenico Pellegrini
(Ministry of Justice, Tribunale di Genova, Italy)

On May 12th, 2020, during the course entitled Artificial Intelligence and Jurisdiction Practice organized by the Italian School of Magistracy, more than 70 magistrates followed our demonstration of a Prolog logical judge reasoning on an armed robbery case. Although the implemented logical judge is just an exercise of knowledge representation and simple deductive reasoning, a practical demonstration of an automated reasoning tool to such a large audience of potential end-users represents a first and unique attempt in Italy and, to the best of our knowledge, in the international panorama. In this paper we present the case addressed by the logical judge - a real case already addressed by a human judge in 2015 - and the feedback on the demonstration collected from the attendees.

In Francesco Ricca, Alessandra Russo, Sergio Greco, Nicola Leone, Alexander Artikis, Gerhard Friedrich, Paul Fodor, Angelika Kimmig, Francesca Lisi, Marco Maratea, Alessandra Mileo and Fabrizio Riguzzi: Proceedings 36th International Conference on Logic Programming (Technical Communications) (ICLP 2020), UNICAL, Rende (CS), Italy, 18-24th September 2020, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 325, pp. 268–275.
Published: 19th September 2020.

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