Reachability in Biochemical Dynamical Systems by Quantitative Discrete Approximation (extended abstract)

L. Brim
(Masaryk University)
J. Fabriková
(Masaryk University)
S. Dražan
(Masaryk University)
D. Šafránek
(Masaryk University)

In this paper, a novel computational technique for finite discrete approximation of continuous dynamical systems suitable for a significant class of biochemical dynamical systems is introduced. The method is parameterized in order to affect the imposed level of approximation provided that with increasing parameter value the approximation converges to the original continuous system. By employing this approximation technique, we present algorithms solving the reachability problem for biochemical dynamical systems. The presented method and algorithms are evaluated on several exemplary biological models and on a real case study.

In Ion Petre and Erik de Vink: Proceedings Third International Workshop on Computational Models for Cell Processes (CompMod 2011), Aachen, Germany, September 10, 2011, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 67, pp. 97–112.
Published: 8th September 2011.

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