COMP1511 17s1 Introduction to Programming
  1. Introduce yourselves, get to know your classmates - Why do they want to study computing? What do they want to learn from this course?

  2. Get to know your tutor - How long have they been at UNSW? What are they studying? How can you get in contact with them?

  3. Do you have any questions about the course so far? eg course website, structure, assessments

  4. How do you make a peanut-butter sandwich?

    How could you break that process into steps?

    How could you break it down clearly enough that a computer could understand it?

    Maybe your tutor could do a live demonstration of following your exact instructions...

  5. What is an operating system?

    What operating systems do your classmates run? The tute room? The CSE lab computers?

    What are the differences between each of the various operating systems? What differences are there in their interfaces, and how do you interact with them?

    What are some different ways in which you can interact with a computer?

    What are the differences between graphical user interfaces and the command line? When might one be better than the other?

  6. Discuss the following features of the sample program from lectures:

    // Author: Andrew Taylor (
    // Date created: March 2016
    // A very simple C program
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main (void) {
        printf ("I love COMP1511!\n");
        return 0;
    • the \n

    • Comments: What should go in a comment? What makes a good comment? How do comments improve program style?

    • Indenting and whitespace: What is indented in the sample program? Suggest why.

  7. Write a C program, face0.c, that behaves as follows:
    ~ ~
    0 0

    How would you compile this program?

    How could we modify it to make a program, face1.c, look like this instead?
    ~ ~
    0 0