We are your stureps.

We represent students to the relevant staff (typically lecturers, SS or the Head of School), anonymising any grievances, questions or feedback. We also run a semesterly survey to present to the Head of School so that we can address any concerns before the end of the semester. If you'd like to get involved, come talk to a current sturep and consider running next year.

Your 2017 undergraduate and postgraduate-by-coursework stureps are:

  • Andrew Bennett
  • Jashank Jeremy
  • Andrew Kaploun
  • Evan Kohilas
  • Daniel Phillips

Your 2017 postgraduate-by-research sturep is:

  • Armin Chitizadeh

Report Archive

We keep a record of the summary reports that the Stureps have written for the Head of School meetings over the past few years. The analysis in these reports is based upon the data collected from the student surveys, student feedback and comments received.

2016 Session 1 Sturep Report
2015 Session 2 Sturep Report
2015 Session 1 Sturep Report
2014 Session 2 Sturep Report (Commented Version)
2014 Session 1 Sturep Report
2013 Session 2 Stureps Report
2013 Session 1 Stureps Report
Stureps Report Archive

Anonymous Feedback

Is something bothering you? If you have any feedback please let us know and we'll do our best to help you out. Note that we are unable to give personal updates with anonymous feedback. Alternatively you can email stureps@cse.unsw.edu.au.