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Dr. Liming Zhu
Research Director
Software & Computational Systems, Data61 | CSIRO &

Conjoint Full Professor
School of CSE, UNSW

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Data61/CSIRO are looking for new PhD candidates and offering competitive scholarship (Tuition waived and no tutoring/TA workload):

  1. Full scholarship: up to AU$37,000 per year tax free.
  2. Top-up only scholarship: up to AU$10,000 per year tax free, 2016 rate. This is for students who have existing Australia IPRS/APA or equivalent ~AU$27,000 scholarships.
The online application form and guidelines can be found here. Here is the rough application process:
  1. Contact me ( with your CV, full undergraduate and postgraduate transcripts and research topic of interests. In order to be scholarship competitive, your undergraduate marks should be at least 80/100 for local candidates (citizen or permanent residence) and 85/100 for international candidates. But if you have strong research experiences, peer-reviewed published papers or other unique experiences, feel free to contact me even your marks are slightly below the threshold.
  2. If my team members or I agree to supervision in principle, you should:
    • apply for UNSW Phd admission and university scholarship here. Please be aware the different key deadlines for each semester for local and international students. Although admission application closes rather later, university scholarship applications close very early, especially for international students (Aug for Feb in-take and Feb for July in-take). You need to apply for university scholarship (even you do not expect to get them) to get tuition waivers (for international students) and gain a quantitative assessment of competitiveness to be used as inputs to Data61/CSIRO scholarship assessment. .
    • apply for the Data61/CSIRO scholarship here. Please note the key deadlines. 
  3. Wait for notifications.

I am personally working with government, defence and standardisation bodies on a variety of projects in the area of software architecture, (big) data analytics infrastructure, dependable systems, DevOps, distributed systems, service/cloud engineering, web2.0/mashup/API, autonomic computing and embedded systems

My research program (200+ people) work on a much wider range of topics. You can find some projects here.  I can introduce you to the right people to be your supervisor.

All topics listed here are available for both PhD studies and undergraduate thesis. For undergraduate thesis, I can supervise students from UNSW, Usyd (School of IT or EE) or UTS. Please email me for details. Topics are not limited to the following list. 

Some High Priority Projects in Software Architecture and Dependable Systems Research (UNSW link but also works for USyd/UTS students)

  1. Trust and trustworthiness in software engineering and AI
  2. Applications of deep learning and ML in cybersecurity, SE and systems research
  3. Continuous Deployment for Big Data Analytics Applications
  4. Big data platform
  5. Big data provenance and pipeline
  6. Fault Tolerance Platforms for Large-Scale Distributed Applications
  7. Dependable Operation of (Big) Data Analytics Infrastructure
  8. Infrastructure for cross data centre and devices data analytics
  9. Dependable Auditing on Operations of in-Cloud Applications
  10. Cloud-in-Cloud: Software Defined Data Center for the Next Generation of Cloud Computing
  11. Application Design and Measurement in Cloud Platforms
  12. Tablet-based Control Interface for Distributed Systems Deployment
  13. Architecture-level security/dependability Analysis
  14. Availability of Cloud applications
  15. Understanding and Improving Operational Processes in Large-scale Distributed Systems
  16. Building Provably Secure Application
  17. Large-scale Platform/Web API design principles 
  18. Multi-sided platforms and software ecosystems
  19. Bitcoin/Blockchain and smart contract 
  20. DevOps-related
Other Projects
  1. Architecture for Ultra-Large-Scale (ULS) Systems
  2. Service Oriented Architecture for e-Business Standards
  3. AJAX-based Process and Service Mashup
  4. CREST and Process Mashup in the Cloud
  5. Design-time Adaptive Service Engineering
  6. Domain Specific Modelling Language Design for Model Driven Development

Current PhD Students

  1. Yue Liu (PhD, 2020 - now)
  2. Yashothara S. (PhD, 2020 - now) 
  3. David Z. (Master by research, 2020 - now)
  4. Kit Lo (PhD, 2019 - now)
  5. Su Yen Chia (PhD, 2019 - now): Software architecture for data sharing
  6. Bin. L (PhD, 2015 - now): Decentralised identity management for IoT devices


  1. Mojtaba S. (PhD 2015.03-2019) DevOps-driven Software Architecture 
  2. Teuku G. (PhD 2014.07 - 2019) Cloud-Mobile Architecture for Disaster Management 
  3. Yun Z. (PhD, 2015.07-2019.7): APIs design for data analytics.Now: Westpac
  4. Sung L. (PhD, 2015.7-2019.7 ): Data governance for platform ecosystems. Now: QUT
  5. Huijun W. (PhD, 2015.07 - 2019.7): File system architecture for distributed data analytics. 
  6. Dongyao W. (PhD 2014.03 - 2017.03): Architecture for distributed data analytics
    Now: SafetyCulture Previously: N1Analytics/Data61
  7. Min F. (PhD 2013.3 - 2016.07): Recovery-based Design.
    Alibaba (Data science). Previously:Macquarie university (Postdoc)
  8. Paul Rim. (PhD 2012.3 - 2015.08): Architecture-level security analysis 
    Data61, MIT Media Lab visiting scholar
  9. John B. (PhD 2009.3 - 2013.03): Architectural Dependancy Analysis and Modelling  
  10. Dana K. (PhD 2009.8 - 2013.03): Understanding risk perceptions between developers and acquirers in off-the-shelf-based custom software projects
  11. Suronapee P. (PhD 2008.3 - 2011.8): An Architecture-based Approach to Interfacing a Market-based Model in Trust-based Service Systems
  12. Yinkia C. (PhD 2007.8- 2011.3): Representation and Selection of Quality Attribute Techniques for Software Development Process
  13. Xiwei X. (PhD 2007.8 -  2011.3): A Resource‐Oriented Architecture for Business Process Systems
    • Now: Data61
  14. Markus L. (co-supervision; visiting Master from Mannheim University of Applied Sciences 2009-2010): Exception Handling in Cloud
  15. Ruben V. (co-supervision; Visiting Master from Delft U. 2008-2009): WebWorkFlow
  16. Patric F. (Master by research 2006 - 2007.): Empirical Study of MEST (Message Exchange State Transfer) and SSDL (SOAP Service Description Language)

Thesis Students:

  1. Daniel C. 2015: Software Defined datacenter: docker autoscaling
  2. Steven R.:Software Defined datacenter: docker-VM deployment
  3. Srini. D (trainee 2014.08 - 2015.02): Achieving high availability cloud applications using Software Defined Networks
  4. Ahmed A. 2014: Finer-grained Data Partition and Access Mechanisms in Big Data Analysis 
  5. Donna X. 2014: Evaluating Dependability for Machine Learning at Scale 
  6. Jin L. 2014: Environment Discovery and Validation in Cloud Operation
  7. Donna X. 2013-14 (summer scholar): Continuous Deployment using Lightly-Baked Image
  8. Amer A. 2013: Availability Analysis for Applications in Public Cloud
  9. Mustapha A. 2013: Availability Analysis for Applications in Public Cloud
  10. Yang Z 2013 (Master Thesis): Fault Tolerance Platforms for Large-Scale Distributed Applications
  11. An T. 2013: Fault Tolerance Platforms for Large-Scale Distributed Applications
  12. Yik, T. 2012-13 (summer scholar): Methodologies for Engineering RT Embedded Systems
  13. Rang D. 2012-13 (summer scholar): AJAX-based Process and Service Mashup
  14. Shu W. 2011:Service Oriented Architecture for e-Business Standards
  15. Tony W. 2011: AJAX-based Process and Service Mashup
  16. Yongchao L. 2010: :AJAX-based Process and Service Mashup
  17. Peter T. 2010: :AJAX-based Process and Service Mashup
  18. Luke V. 2010: Real-time Interactive Mashup Architecture for Web 2.0 
  19. Zhenpeng Z.2010: Software development processes for automotives
  20. Daniel H.2010:Architecture for Ultra-Large-Scale (ULS) Systems
  21. Monthy W 2010.:AJAX-based Process and Service Mashup
  22. Daniel T.2010 :AJAX-based Process and Service Mashup
  23. Paul R.2010:AJAX-based Process and Service Mashup
  24. Ryan W.2010: AJAX-based Process and Service Mashup
  25. Kenichi N. (Visiting student from Ritsumei University) 2009: RESTful Services
  26. Ricky S. 2009: Model driven RESTful Services
  27. Huy T. 2009: Standards as e-Business Ecosystem Enabler
  28. Chris A. 2009: Adaptive Software Engineering
  29. Yi H. 2009: Automated Web Service Composition using Semantic Web Technologies
  30. Chris A. 2009 (summer scholar): A RESTful interface for EPF
  31. Nicolas V., 2008: Domain Specific Modelling Language Design for Model Driven Development
  32. Dennis L., 2008: Industry-wide service API design
  33. Mike X., 2008: Industry-wide Service API design
  34. Kevin M., 2008 : Model driven RESTful services
  35. Raymond S., 2008: Model driven RESTful services
  36. Fahad S., 2007: Service-Oriented Architecture for e-Business Standards
  37. Chadwick C., 2007: Service-Oriented Architecture for e-Business Standards
  38. Kevin D., 2007: Model Driven Development for RESTful Services
  39. Arman M., 2007: Service-Oriented Eventing and Content Distribution
  40. Vincent Y., 2007: Automated Web Service Composition using Semantic Web Technologies
  41. Raymond L., 2007: SSDL-driven Service Adaptation
  42. Xianggao K., 2007: SSDL-driven Service Adaptation
  43. David W., 2007: Adaptive Software Process Engineering
  44. Tak T., 2007: Technical development process in the XML domain
  45. Willy E.,2006: Model Driven Architecture (MDA) for Web Service Development
  46. Hary W., 2006: Model Driven Architecture (MDA) for Web Service Development
  47. Aditya G., 2006: Metadata Discovery and Management for Organizational Knowledge Management
  48. Samita A., 2006: Metadata Discovery and Management for Organizational Knowledge Management
  49. Betty B., 2006: UTS Capstone - �Customized Benchmark Generation Using Model Driven Development�
  50. Betty B., 2005: UNSW/NICTA Summer Scholarship - �Customized Benchmark Generation Using MDA�
  51. Luke C., 2005: Design Decision Reasoning with Experience Repository
  52. Edward L., 2005 : Design Decision Reasoning with Experience Repository
  53. Annie T., 2005:Integrating Annotation Information in Reverse Architecting
  54. Adi I., 2005: Performance evaluation of architectural alternatives of .NET Applications
  55. Johnson C., 2004: Modeling Architecture Design Decisions and Non-Functional Requirements
  56. Rinalldo Y., 2004:Tool support for distributed software architecture evaluation process
  57. Hong S., 2004: Tool support for distributed software architecture evaluation process

Courses Taught 

  • INFO3220: Object-Oriented Design (University of Sydney, 2010 )  
  • COMP9117: Architecture of Software Systems (UNSW, 2006 - 2007)
  • Empirical Research in Software Systems (Short course, Dec. 2011)
  • COMP3720: Total Quality Management (Tutored, 2002 - 2003)
  • COMP3710: Software Project Management (Tutored, 2002 - 2003)
  • Various architecture evaluation techniques training