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Dr. Liming Zhu
Research Director
Software & Computational Systems, Data61 | CSIRO &

Conjoint Full Professor
School of CSE, UNSW

Email: (W) (P)
Tel: +61 2 94905584(PA)


Twitter: @limingz

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Some Recent Projects

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Past Projects:

  • Blockchain
  • Dependable Cloud Computing
    • error detection, diagnosis and recovery during sporadic operations and under continuous changes
    • managing uncertainties in dependable cloud operation and DevOps 
  • MAGIC (code name) 
    • collaborative project among software infrastructure, machine learning and networks to provide the next-generation data analytics infrastructure and platform. 
  • I represented Data61/NICTA at Standard Australia, participating in
    • ISO/SC38 (Cloud Computing and Distributed Platforms) which covers standards in SOA, SLA, Interoperability and Portability, Data and their Flow Across Devices and Cloud Services.
    • ISO/SC7 (Systems and Software Engineering), mainly responsible for Australia's work in WG42 (Systems and Software Architecture).

  • Industry project AURINHTS (Household Transport Survey), Project Leader
    • schema/data harmonisation and integration, data analytics and visualisation for transport-related data 
  • Trustworthy Embedded Systems, Principal Researcher
  • Green Transportation and Green Car Initiative (GTGC): Sub-project Leader
    • on continuous verification and distributed software engineering
  • Business Adaptation and Interoperation Project (BAI): Technology Stream Leader
    • on business process mashups and moveable computation abstraction 
  • LIXI Business Process Project (LIXI): Work Package Leader
    • on software ecosystem reference architecture and evaluation