Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science

LaTeX Style

Here is a zip file containing The EPTCS style files are maintained at github and are also available from Overleaf.

Backwards compatibility: Files produced with an older version of eptcs.cls will yield the same output when typeset with the current version 1.7. (But files produced conform the current instructions may not typeset at all with older versions of eptcs.cls.)

Our LaTeX style file is a small variant of the article style. The changes are:

Authors may not alter the font, fontsize, textarea and margins. They may alter the other above design decisions only if this fits the paper better. Major words in the title (all but articles, prepositions, etc.) should be capitalised (unless this requirement is waived or altered by volume editors). Design decisions not governed by this style file, such as whether nontrivial words in section headers are capitalised, are left to the creativity of the authors.
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