Bigraphical Nets

Maribel Fernández
Ian Mackie
Matthew Walker

Interaction nets are a graphical model of computation, which has been used to define efficient evaluators for functional calculi, and specifically lambda calculi with patterns. However, the flat structure of interaction nets forces pattern matching and functional behaviour to be encoded at the same level, losing some potential parallelism. In this paper, we introduce bigraphical nets, or binets for short, as a generalisation of interaction nets using ideas from bigraphs and port graphs, and we present a formal notation and operational semantics for binets. We illustrate their expressive power by examples of applications.

In Rachid Echahed and Detlef Plump: Proceedings 7th International Workshop on Computing with Terms and Graphs (TERMGRAPH 2013), Rome, 23th March 2013, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 110, pp. 74–81.
Published: 25th February 2013.

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