Arbitrary Arrow Update Logic with Common Knowledge is neither RE nor co-RE

Louwe B. Kuijer

Arbitrary Arrow Update Logic with Common Knowledge (AAULC) is a dynamic epistemic logic with (i) an arrow update operator, which represents a particular type of information change and (ii) an arbitrary arrow update operator, which quantifies over arrow updates.

By encoding the execution of a Turing machine in AAULC, we show that neither the valid formulas nor the satisfiable formulas of AAULC are recursively enumerable. In particular, it follows that AAULC does not have a recursive axiomatization.

In Jérôme Lang: Proceedings Sixteenth Conference on Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge (TARK 2017), Liverpool, UK, 24-26 July 2017, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 251, pp. 373–381.
Published: 25th July 2017.

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