Automated Verification of Quantum Protocols using MCMAS

F. Belardinelli
(Imperial College London)
P. Gonzalez
(Imperial College London)
A. Lomuscio
(Imperial College London)

We present a methodology for the automated verification of quantum protocols using MCMAS, a symbolic model checker for multi-agent systems The method is based on the logical framework developed by D'Hondt and Panangaden for investigating epistemic and temporal properties, built on the model for Distributed Measurement-based Quantum Computation (DMC), an extension of the Measurement Calculus to distributed quantum systems. We describe the translation map from DMC to interpreted systems, the typical formalism for reasoning about time and knowledge in multi-agent systems. Then, we introduce dmc2ispl, a compiler into the input language of the MCMAS model checker. We demonstrate the technique by verifying the Quantum Teleportation Protocol, and discuss the performance of the tool.

In Herbert Wiklicky and Mieke Massink: Proceedings 10th Workshop on Quantitative Aspects of Programming Languages and Systems (QAPL 2012), Tallinn, Estonia, 31 March and 1 April 2012, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 85, pp. 48–62.
Published: 3rd July 2012.

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