Graph Surfing in Reaction Systems from a Categorial Perspective

Hans-Jörg Kreowski
(University of Bremen, Department of Computer Science, Bremen, Germany)
Aaron Lye
(University of Bremen, Department of Computer Science, Bremen, Germany)

Graph-based reaction systems were recently introduced as a generalization of the intensely studied set-based reaction systems. They deal with simple edge-labeled directed graphs, and dynamic semantics of graph-based reaction systems is defined by graph surfing as a novel kind of graph transformation where, in a single surf step, reactions are applied to a subgraph of a given background graph yielding a successor subgraph. In this paper, we propose a categorical approach to reaction systems so that a wider spectrum of data structures becomes available on which reaction systems can be based. In this way, many types of graphs, hypergraphs, and graph-like structures are covered.

In Berthold Hoffmann and Mark Minas: Proceedings of the Eleventh International Workshop on Graph Computation Models (GCM 2020), Online-Workshop, 24th June 2020, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 330, pp. 71–87.
Published: 3rd December 2020.

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