Model-based Testing of the Java Network API

Cyrille Artho
(KTH and AIST)
Guillaume Rousset
(University of Nantes)

Testing networked systems is challenging. The client or server side cannot be tested by itself. We present a solution using tool "Modbat" that generates test cases for Java's network library java.nio, where we test both blocking and non-blocking network functions. Our test model can dynamically simulate actions in multiple worker and client threads, thanks to a carefully orchestrated design that covers non-determinism while ensuring progress.

In Jan Kofroň and Jana Tumova: Proceedings International Workshop on Formal Engineering approaches to Software Components and Architectures (FESCA 2017), Uppsala, Sweden, 22nd April 2017, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 245, pp. 46–51.
Published: 20th March 2017.

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