Semantics of a Typed Algebraic Lambda-Calculus

Benoît Valiron

Algebraic lambda-calculi have been studied in various ways, but their semantics remain mostly untouched. In this paper we propose a semantic analysis of a general simply-typed lambda-calculus endowed with a structure of vector space. We sketch the relation with two established vectorial lambda-calculi. Then we study the problems arising from the addition of a fixed point combinator and how to modify the equational theory to solve them. We sketch an algebraic vectorial PCF and its possible denotational interpretations.

In S. Barry Cooper, Prakash Panangaden and Elham Kashefi: Proceedings Sixth Workshop on Developments in Computational Models: Causality, Computation, and Physics (DCM 2010), Edinburgh, Scotland, 9-10th July 2010, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 26, pp. 147–158.
Published: 9th June 2010.

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