Towards Foundations of Categorical Cybernetics

Matteo Capucci
Bruno Gavranović
Jules Hedges
Eigil Fjeldgren Rischel

We propose a categorical framework for processes which interact bidirectionally with both an environment and a 'controller'. Examples include open learners, in which the controller is an optimiser such as gradient descent, and an approach to compositional game theory closely related to open games, in which the controller is a composite of game-theoretic agents. We believe that 'cybernetic' is an appropriate name for the processes that can be described in this framework.

In Kohei Kishida: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Applied Category Theory (ACT 2021), Cambridge, United Kingdom, 12-16th July 2021, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 372, pp. 235–248.
Published: 3rd November 2022.

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