Open Publishing Association

The Open Publishing Association (OPA) is an international unincorporated association that publishes open access publications.

OPA publishes definitive works only. All OPA publications should be original and cannot be later published elsewhere.

Full-text electronic access to all works published by OPA is freely available to everyone, without any need for registration or subscription.

OPA publications are archived in such a way that long-term accessibility of the archived works is ensured.

For each serial published by OPA a separate editorial body exists that has complete autonomy in determining the contents of the serial, as well as in the archival of this content, provided some minimum requirements are met, most notably the ones laid out above.

The central committee of OPA maintains records of all published works, assigns DOI numbers to these works, and makes sure that these Digital Object Identifiers resolve to an appropriate response page for the identified work.

Currently, OPA publishes only one serial, namely Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science (EPTCS). Editors of other serials that currently lack a publisher, and that meet the requirements above, are invited to consider joining OPA's umbrella. Also individuals seeking an official publisher for their PhD thesis, manual or other book may apply for publication by OPA.

Be aware that OPA does not engage in marketing, and undertakes no specific action to ensure that your work will actually be read.

Contact information:

Rob van Glabbeek (executive director)
Open Publishing Association
111 Cooper Street
Waterloo, NSW 2017