DOI: 10.4204/EPTCS
ISSN: 2075-2180

Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science

Forthcoming Volumes

EventAffiliated withFull Name
DCM 2023FSCD 2023 13th International Workshop on Developments in Computational Models
FICS 2024CSL 2024 Workshop on Fixed Points in Computer Science
GCM 2023STAF 2023 Fourteenth International Workshop on Graph Computation Models
GandALF 2024 Fifteenth International Symposium on Games, Automata, Logics, and Formal Verification
MSFP 2024FSCD 2024 Tenth Workshop on Mathematically Structured Functional Programming
ICE 2024DisCoTec 2024 17th Interaction and Concurrency Experience
NCMA 2024DLT 2024 14th International Workshop on Non-Classical Models of Automata and Applications (NCMA 2024)
ACT 2024 Seventh International Conference on Applied Category Theory 2024
QPL 2024 21st International Conference on Quantum Physics and Logic
NCL'24 Eleventh International Conference on Non-Classical Logics. Theory and Applications
FROM 2024SYNASC 2024 Eighth Symposium on Working Formal Methods
ICLP 2024 40th International Conference on Logic Programming
EXPRESS/SOS 2024CONCUR 2024 / CONFEST 2024 Combined 31st International Workshop on Expressiveness in Concurrency and 21st Workshop on Structural Operational Semantics
FMAS2024iFM24 Sixth International Workshop on Formal Methods for Autonomous Systems
GCM 2024STAF 2024 15th International Workshop on Graph Computation Models

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