Published: 26th June 2009
DOI: 10.4204/EPTCS.2
ISSN: 2075-2180


Proceedings Fourth European Young Researchers Workshop on
Service Oriented Computing
Pisa, Italy, 17-19th June 2009

Edited by: Maurice ter Beek

Maurice H. ter Beek
A Peer to Peer Protocol for Online Dispute Resolution over Storage Consumption
Ahmed Mihoob and Carlos Molina-Jimenez
Service-oriented Context-aware Framework
László Kovács, Péter Mátételki and Balázs Pataki
Towards Activity Context using Software Sensors
Kamran Taj Pathan and Stephan Reiff-Marganiec
An Introduction to Simulation-Based Techniques for Automated Service Composition
Fabio Patrizi
Soft Constraints for Quality Aspects in Service Oriented Architectures
Stefano Bistarelli and Francesco Santini
Reasoning About a Service-oriented Programming Paradigm
Claudio Guidi and Fabrizio Montesi
Adaptive Process Management in Highly Dynamic and Pervasive Scenarios
Massimiliano de Leoni
Towards a Unifying View of QoS-Enhanced Web Service Description and Discovery Approaches
Dessislava Petrova-Antonova and Sylvia Ilieva
Fairness as a QoS Measure for Web Services
Stefano Bistarelli and Paola Campli


Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) is an emerging new paradigm for distributed and object-oriented computing by allowing autonomous, platform-independent computational entities (called services) to be built (described, discovered, composed, orchestrated) within and across organizational boundaries. Like no other computing paradigm before, SOC is destined to exert a lasting influence on the business domain, among others (e-commerce, e-government, e-business, e-learning, e-health, etc.).

The Young Researchers workshop series on Service-Oriented Computing is meant to be a platform for junior researchers from industry and academics alike. Its core objectives are to exchange information regarding advancements in the state of the art and practice of SOC, as well as to identify emerging research topics and the future trends in this domain. The first three editions all took place in the UK: the inaugral edition took place in Leicester at the De Montfort University in 2005, the 2nd edition in 2007 at the University of Leicester and the 3rd edition in 2008 at the Open University in London.

Following the success of the previous three workshops, the 4th European Young Researchers Workshop on Service-Oriented Computing (YR-SOC 2009) introduced two novelties: it was organised outside of the UK and it saw the introduction of a number of tutorials, thus making the workshop a 3-day event. YR-SOC 2009 took place at the CNR Institute of Information Science and Technologies in Pisa, Italy, and was organised by Maurice ter Beek, Barry Norton, Stephan Reiff-Marganiec and Monika Solanki.

The contributions in this volume cover aspects such as automated service composition, context-aware SOC, service-oriented programming, QoS-aware SOC, service-oriented architectures, SOC modelling and analysis, process management, web services, ontologies and the semantic web.

The workshop programme included invited talks by Edwin van Dis (Logica) and Mick Kerrigan (University of Innsbruck), tutorials by Carlo Montangero (University of Pisa), Stephan Reiff-Marganiec (University of Leicester), Laura Semini (University of Pisa), Mick Kerrigan (University of Innsbruck) and Barry Norton (University of Innsbruck) and papers from young researchers across Europe, including Bulgary, Hungary, Italy and the UK. The workshop received a total of 12 submissions, which were each reviewed by at least 3 senior researchers from a strong programme committee of international reputation. After animated discussions, the committee eventually decided to accept 9 papers. These proceedings include all accepted submissions, appropriately updated in light of the reviews.

I wish to thank the co-organisers of YR-SOC 2009 for their support, and both the excellent programme committee and the external reviewers for reviewing and selecting the submitted papers. Thanks are due also to Damian Dadswell from the Open University, London, for his excellent job of maintaining the workshop's website. Finally, I thank EPTCS and its editor-in-chief, Rob van Glabbeek, for publishing the proceedings of YR-SOC 2009 in their applaudable endeavour.

The workshop was organised with generous support from the Formal Methods and Tools laboratory of ISTI-CNR and the Knowledge and Media Institute of the Open University.

Maurice ter Beek
Pisa, June 2009

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