Published: 29th November 2013
DOI: 10.4204/EPTCS.135
ISSN: 2075-2180


Proceedings Sixth
Transformation Tool Contest
Budapest, Hungary, 19-20 June, 2013

Edited by: Pieter Van Gorp, Louis M. Rose and Christian Krause

Pieter Van Gorp, Louis Rose M. and Christian Krause

The Case Studies

The TTC 2013 Flowgraphs Case
Tassilo Horn
Case study: Class diagram restructuring
K. Lano and S. Kolahdouz Rahimi
The Petri-Nets to Statecharts Transformation Case
Pieter Van Gorp and Louis M. Rose

Solving the Flowgraphs case

Analyzing Flowgraphs with ATL
Valerio Cosentino, Massimo Tisi and Fabian Büttner
An NMF solution for the Flowgraphs case at the TTC 2013
Georg Hinkel, Thomas Goldschmidt and Lucia Happe
Solving the Flowgraphs Case with Eclectic
Jesús Sánchez Cuadrado
Solving the TTC 2013 Flowgraphs Case with FunnyQT
Tassilo Horn
A Solution to the Flowgraphs Case Study using Triple Graph Grammars and eMoflon
Anthony Anjorin and Marius Lauder

Solving the Restructuring case

Solving the Class Diagram Restructuring Transformation Case with FunnyQT
Tassilo Horn
Class Diagram Restructuring with GROOVE
Wietse Smid and Arend Rensink

Solving the PN2SC case

Solving the Petri-Nets to Statecharts Transformation Case with FunnyQT
Tassilo Horn
An NMF solution for the Petri Nets to State Charts case study at the TTC 2013
Georg Hinkel, Thomas Goldschmidt and Lucia Happe
Solving the Petri-Nets to Statecharts Transformation Case with UML-RSDS
K. Lano, S. Kolahdouz-Rahimi and K. Maroukian
PN2SC Case Study: An EMF-IncQuery solution
Benedek Izsó, Ábel Hegedüs, Gábor Bergmann, Ákos Horváth and István Ráth


Pieter Van Gorp, Louis Rose, Christian Krause

The aim of the Transformation Tool Contest (TTC) series is to compare the expressiveness, the usability and the performance of graph and model transformation tools along a number of selected case studies. A deeper understanding of the relative merits of different tool features will help to further improve graph and model transformation tools and to indicate open problems.

This contest was the sixth of its kind, following the successful edition of 2011 [7]. For the fourth time, the contest was co-located with the international conference on model transformation (ICMT [1]). Teams from the major international players in the development and use of model transformation tools have participated in an online setting as well as in a physical, two-day workshop.

In order to facilitate the comparison of transformation tools, our program committee had selected three challenging case studies via single blind reviews:

All accepted solutions to these case studies consist of a paper and the actual solution artifacts. Each case study solution (tool, project files, documentation) was made (and remains) available for review and demonstration via SHARE [6]. TTC 2013 involved open (i.e., non anonymous) peer reviews in a first round. The purpose of this round of reviewing was that the participants gained as much insight into the competitor’s solutions as possible and also to raise potential problems.

Besides the presentations of the submitted solutions, the workshop also comprised a live contest. That contest involved a set of tasks for modeling the execution semantics of a subset of the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0 standard as in-place transformations. The challenge included proper starting and termination of processes, execution of primitive tasks based on token games and the handling of parallel gateways. In addition to the rule-based modeling of the execution semantics of BPMN, we asked the contestants to use their specification for (i) manual and batch execution of processes and (ii) a state space generation and basic analysis of temporal properties. The live contest case was authored by Christian Krause, based on work by Van Gorp et al [5]. At the time of writing, there are no papers related to the TTC 2013 live contest solutions.

This EPTCS volume contains the TTC 2013 papers that have undergone a second round of single blind reviews by Program Committee members. Committee members were asked to check whether papers had taken into account the suggestions for improvement that were raised during the (pre-)workshop discussions. For more details (such as reference solutions for the case studies, testcases and online forum discussions), please consult the TTC 2013 website.

Of particular interest to the community of theoretical computer scientists may be our observation that the Petri-Nets to Statecharts case involves theoretical challenges that could not be solved by the TTC 2013 participants. We invite the interested reader to contact the case authors concerning the open challenges on Verification Support (cf., Section 5.2.1 in [2]).

As organizers of TTC 2013, we have been supported by the following steering committee members:

The submissions for this volume have gone through a thorough two-step reviewing process. Therefore, special thanks to the TTC 2013 program committee members:


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