Published: 20th November 2013
DOI: 10.4204/EPTCS.134
ISSN: 2075-2180


Proceedings Second International Workshop on
Trends in Tree Automata and Tree Transducers
Hanoi, Vietnam, 19/10/2013

Edited by: Sebastian Maneth

Sebastian Maneth
On Constructing Constrained Tree Automata Recognizing Ground Instances of Constrained Terms
Naoki Nishida, Masahiko Sakai and Yasuhiro Nakano
Random Generation of Nondeterministic Finite-State Tree Automata
Thomas Hanneforth, Andreas Maletti and Daniel Quernheim
Expressiveness of Visibly Pushdown Transducers
Mathieu Caralp, Emmanuel Filiot, Pierre-Alain Reynier, Frédéric Servais and Jean-Marc Talbot
Node Query Preservation for Deterministic Linear Top-Down Tree Transducers
Kazuki Miyahara, Kenji Hashimoto and Hiroyuki Seki
XPath Node Selection over Grammar-Compressed Trees
Sebastian Maneth and Tom Sebastian
Toward Security Verification against Inference Attacks on Data Trees
Ryo Iwase, Yasunori Ishihara and Toru Fujiwara


This volume contains the final and revised selection of papers presented at the Second International Workshop on Trends in Tree Automata and Tree Transducers (TTATT 2013). The workshop was held in Hanoi (Vietnam) on October 19th, colocated with ATVA 2013. Tree Automata and Transducers have a long history within computer science of more than 40 years. Over the last decade, automata theory has experience a huge revival. This is due to its connections to other areas such as bioinformatics, computer networks, databases, linguistics, and verification. The workshop provides an opportunity for researchers from different areas to exchange ideas on the theory and practice of tree automata and tree transducers.

The TTATT 2013 workshop had the following two invited talks:

The Program Committee of TTATT 2012 consisted of:

We express our gratitude to the authors, referees, and PC members and all people who helped to make this workshop happen. A particular thanks goes to the local organizers of ATVA who were of great help; special thanks to Hoang Truong for his help and support.

Sebastian Maneth
University of Edinburgh
(Editor of the issue)