Published: 19th July 2019
DOI: 10.4204/EPTCS.297
ISSN: 2075-2180


Proceedings Seventeenth Conference on
Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge
Toulouse, France, 17-19 July 2019

Edited by: Lawrence S. Moss

Lawrence S. Moss
Open Problems in a Logic of Gossips
Krzysztof R. Apt and Dominik Wojtczak
Sequential Voting with Confirmation Network
Yakov Babichenko, Oren Dean and Moshe Tennenholtz
Learning Probabilities: Towards a Logic of Statistical Learning
Alexandru Baltag, Soroush Rafiee Rad and Sonja Smets
Social Choice Methods for Database Aggregation
Francesco Belardinelli and Umberto Grandi
Uncertainty About Evidence
Adam Bjorndahl and Aybüke Özgün
Credible Information, Allowable Information and Belief Revision - Extended Abstract
Giacomo Bonanno
An Algebraic Approach for Action Based Default Reasoning
Pablo F. Castro, Valentin Cassano, Raul Fervari and Carlos Areces
Reasoning about Social Choice and Games in Monadic Fixed-Point Logic
Ramit Das, R. Ramanujam and Sunil Simon
When Do Introspection Axioms Matter for Multi-Agent Epistemic Reasoning?
Yifeng Ding, Wesley H. Holliday and Cedegao Zhang
Common Belief in Choquet Rationality and Ambiguity Attitudes – Extended Abstract
Adam Dominiak and Burkhard Schipper
A Unified Algebraic Framework for Non-Monotonicity
Nourhan Ehab and Haythem O. Ismail
Arrow's Theorem Through a Fixpoint Argument
Frank M. V. Feys and Helle Hvid Hansen
On the Consistency among Prior, Posteriors, and Information Sets (Extended Abstract)
Satoshi Fukuda
How to Agree without Understanding Each Other: Public Announcement Logic with Boolean Definitions
Malvin Gattinger and Yanjing Wang
A Conceptually Well-Founded Characterization of Iterated Admissibility Using an "All I Know" Operator
Joseph Y. Halpern and Rafael Pass
The Complexity of Online Bribery in Sequential Elections (Extended Abstract)
Edith Hemaspaandra, Lane A. Hemaspaandra and Jörg Rothe
Strategic Voting Under Uncertainty About the Voting Method
Wesley H. Holliday and Eric Pacuit
Aggregating Probabilistic Judgments
Magdalena Ivanovska and Marija Slavkovik
Causality and Epistemic Reasoning in Byzantine Multi-Agent Systems
Roman Kuznets, Laurent Prosperi, Ulrich Schmid and Krisztina Fruzsa
Aggregation in Value-Based Argumentation Frameworks
Grzegorz Lisowski, Sylvie Doutre and Umberto Grandi
Exploiting Belief Bases for Building Rich Epistemic Structures
Emiliano Lorini
Measuring Belief and Risk Attitude
Sven Neth


This volume consists of papers presented at the Seventeenth Conference on Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge (TARK) held at the Université Toulouse in Toulouse, France, from July 17-19, 2019.

As with all previous TARK conferences, this one was a lively interdisciplinary event. It brought together researchers from a wide variety of fields, including Computer Science (especially Artificial Intelligence, and CS Theory), Economics (especially Decision Theory, Game Theory, and Social Choice Theory), Philosophy (especially Philosophical Logic), and Psychology, in order to further understand the issues involving reasoning about rationality and knowledge. The mixing and blending of fields is evident from the papers in this volume: several of them are contributions to more than one of the fields listed above, and all of them were prepared and presented to talk across boundaries.

The conference received 53 submitted abstracts. It accepted 25 papers, of which 17 were presented as talks and 8 as posters. Decisions were not easy. They involved extensive discussions by the Program Committee. I thank all the members of that committee: Pierpaolo Battigalli, Adam Bjorndahl, Giacomo Bonanno, Amanda Friedenberg, Filomena Garcia, Valentin Goranko, Umberto Grandi, Joseph Halpern, Aviad Heifetz, Jérôme Lang, Emiliano Lorini, Eric Pacuit, Andrés Perea, Francesca Poggiolesi, Ricardo Pucella, R. Ramanujam, and Sonja Smets.

I want to thank everyone who submitted papers to the meeting.

The meeting was enriched by our invited speakers: Ingela Alger (CNRS), Vincent Conitzer (Duke University), and Brian Hill (CNRS, HEC Paris). My thanks to them all for enlivening TARK.

The meeting would not have been possible without our local organizers. Chief among them were the Organisation Co-chairs: Andreas Herzig, Emiliano Lorini, and Umberto Grandi. They had the able help of an organizing committee which included Dominique Longin, Fabian Romero, Jorge Fernandez, Saul Fernandez, Munyque Mittelmann, Elise Perrrotin, and Julien Vianey. I am very grateful to all of them.

I thank EasyChair for making its conference management system available. I also thank Rob van Glabbeek and the EPTCS staff for all their help with this volume.

TARK began with a meeting in Monterey California in 1986, and this volume has the papers from TARK XVII. Some topics presented at TARK in the intervening years were, and still are, important in my intellectual life. I was really pleased to chair the PC of TARK this year. Joe Halpern has my very warm thanks, not only for keeping the meeting strong for decades, but also for help and advice on this meeting.

Lawrence S. Moss

July, 2019