Published: 4th November 2015
DOI: 10.4204/EPTCS.195
ISSN: 2075-2180


Proceedings of the 12th International Workshop on
Quantum Physics and Logic
Oxford, U.K., July 15-17, 2015

Edited by: Chris Heunen, Peter Selinger and Jamie Vicary

Chris Heunen, Peter Selinger and Jamie Vicary
DEMONIC programming: a computational language for single-particle equilibrium thermodynamics, and its formal semantics.
Samson Abramsky and Dominic Horsman
Making the stabilizer ZX-calculus complete for scalars
Miriam Backens
Quantum Alternation: Prospects and Problems
Costin Bădescu and Prakash Panangaden
Entropy, majorization and thermodynamics in general probabilistic theories
Howard Barnum, Jonathan Barrett, Marius Krumm and Markus P. Müller
Some Nearly Quantum Theories
Howard Barnum, Matthew A. Graydon and Alexander Wilce
Formalization of Quantum Protocols using Coq
Jaap Boender, Florian Kammüller and Rajagopal Nagarajan
Quantum Measurements from a Logical Point of View
Olivier Brunet
Operational axioms for diagonalizing states
Giulio Chiribella and Carlo Maria Scandolo
Total and Partial Computation in Categorical Quantum Foundations
Kenta Cho
Quotient-Comprehension Chains
Kenta Cho, Bart Jacobs, Bas Westerbaan and Bram Westerbaan
Axiomatizing complete positivity
Oscar Cunningham and Chris Heunen
Towards a Paraconsistent Quantum Set Theory
Benjamin Eva
Additive monotones for resource theories of parallel-combinable processes with discarding
Brendan Fong and Hugo Nava-Kopp
Towards a Categorical Account of Conditional Probability
Robert Furber and Bart Jacobs
Unordered Tuples in Quantum Computation
Robert Furber and Bas Westerbaan
A Bestiary of Sets and Relations
Stefano Gogioso
Mermin Non-Locality in Abstract Process Theories
Stefano Gogioso and William Zeng
Categories of relations as models of quantum theory
Chris Heunen and Sean Tull
Analysis of Quantum Entanglement in Quantum Programs using Stabilizer Formalism
Kentaro Honda
A Graph Theoretic Perspective on CPM(Rel)
Daniel Marsden
Invariant Set Theory: Violating Measurement Independence without Fine Tuning, Conspiracy, Constraints on Free Will or Retrocausality
Tim Palmer
Logical pre- and post-selection paradoxes are proofs of contextuality
Matthew F. Pusey and Matthew S. Leifer
Encoding !-tensors as !-graphs with neighbourhood orders
David Quick


This volume contains the proceedings of the 12th International Workshop on Quantum Physics and Logic (QPL 2015), which was held July 15--17, 2015 at Oxford University.

The goal of the QPL workshop series is to bring together researchers working on mathematical foundations of quantum physics, quantum computing, spatio-temporal causal structures, and related areas such as computational linguistics. Of particular interest are topics that use logical tools, ordered algebraic and category-theoretic structures, formal languages, semantical methods and other computer science methods for the study of physical behaviour in general. Earlier workshops in this series, with the same acronym under the name ``Quantum Programming Languages'', were held in Ottawa (2003), Turku (2004), Chicago (2005), and Oxford (2006). The first QPL under the new name Quantum Physics and Logic was held in Reykjavik (2008), followed by Oxford (2009 and 2010), Nijmegen (2011), Brussels (2012), Barcelona (2013), and Kyoto (2014).

The workshop program includes four invited lectures:

The workshop will be preceded by two days of tutorials:

In addition, there were 37 contributed talks and 16 posters. They were selected by a program committee whose members were John Baez, Dan Browne, Giulio Chiribella, Bob Coecke, Ross Duncan, Tobias Fritz, Simon Gay, Ichiro Hasuo, Chris Heunen (co-chair), Matty Hoban, Bart Jacobs, Viv Kendon, Matt Leifer, Prakash Panangaden, Dusko Pavlovic, Simon Perdrix, Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh, Peter Selinger (co-chair), Rob Spekkens, Bas Spitters, Isar Stubbe, Jamie Vicary (co-chair), and Mingsheng Ying.

Each submission was refereed by at least three reviewers, who delivered detailed and insightful comments and suggestions. The program chairs thank all the program committee members and all the additional reviewers for their excellent service. This volume contains papers corresponding to a selection of the contributed talks. In addition, this volume also contains a paper by Furber and Jacobs, corresponding to a talk given at QPL 2013, which had been omitted from the QPL 2013 proceedings due to an editorial oversight.

The local organizers were Destiny Chen, Chris Heunen, and Jamie Vicary.

The steering committee for the QPL workshop series consists of Bob Coecke, Prakash Panangaden, and Peter Selinger.

The workshop enjoyed partial support from the TRUCE project, supported by the European Commision, and the Centre for Quantum Mathematics and Computation at the University of Oxford, supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, and by the Department of Computer Science of the University of Oxford.

September 2015,
Chris Heunen, Peter Selinger, and Jamie Vicary.