Published: 20th January 2020
DOI: 10.4204/EPTCS.312
ISSN: 2075-2180


Proceedings 16th Workshop on
Quantitative Aspects of Programming Languages and Systems
Prague, Czech Republic, 7th April 2019

Edited by: Alessandro Aldini and Herbert Wiklicky

Quantitative Aspects of Programming Languages and Systems over the past 2^4 years and beyond
Alessandro Aldini
Towards Digital Twins for the Description of Automotive Software Systems
Jan Olaf Blech
A Faster-Than Relation for Semi-Markov Decision Processes
Mathias Ruggaard Pedersen, Giorgio Bacci and Kim Guldstrand Larsen
Probabilistic Output Analyses for Deterministic Programs — Reusing Existing Non-probabilistic Analyses
Maja Hanne Kirkeby


This volume contains the proceedings of the sixteenth Workshop on Quantitative Aspects of Programming Languages and Systems (QAPL 2019), held in Prague, Czech Republic, on Sunday 7 April 2019, as a satellite event of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software (ETAPS 2019). The aim of the QAPL workshops is to focus on the several quantitative aspects of computation, which may be related to both the application of physical quantities (storage space, time, bandwidth, etc.) and the use of mathematical quantities (probabilities, measures for reliability and security, etc.) to model the behaviour and verify the properties of systems. On the modeling side, the workshop focuses on the design of probabilistic, deterministic, hybrid, real-time, and quantum languages, and the definition of their semantical models. On the verification side, the focus is on quantitative analysis techniques such as simulation, numerical solution, symbolic approaches, optimisation methods, model checking and reward structures. Moreover, further topics of interest are the methodologies for the engineering of systems based on quantitative information, software tools to support the quantitative specification, analysis, verification, and synthesis of systems, applications to real-world domains and case studies.

The history of QAPL starts in 2001, when its first edition was held in Florence, Italy, as a satellite event of the ACM Principles, Logics, and Implementations of high-level programming languages conference, PLI 2001. The second edition, QAPL 2004, was held in Barcelona, Spain, as a satellite event of ETAPS 2004. Since then, QAPL has become a yearly appointment with ETAPS. In the following years, QAPL was held in Edinburgh, Scotland (QAPL 2005), Vienna, Austria (QAPL 2006), Braga, Portugal (QAPL 2007), Budapest, Hungary (QAPL 2008), York, United Kingdom (QAPL 2009), Paphos, Cyprus (QAPL 2010), Saarbrücken, Germany (QAPL 2011) and Tallinn, Estonia (QAPL 2012), Rome, Italy (QAPL 2013), Grenoble, France (QAPL 2014), London, United Kingdom (QAPL 2015), Eindhoven, The Netherlands (QAPL 2016), and Uppsala, Sweden (QAPL 2017).

The proceedings of the workshops up to and including 2009 are published as volumes in Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science (ENTCS). The editions from 2010 are published as volumes of the Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science (EPTCS).

The Programme Committee of QAPL 2019 was composed as follows:

All regular papers were reviewed by at least three reviewers of the program committee. After the workshop, the authors of regular papers were asked to submit a revised version, incorporating the comments made during the discussion at the workshop. The volume also includes a survey on the main achievements in the scientific research on quantitative aspects of computing since the first edition of QAPL, and the contributions given in this field by the workshop in its nearly 20-year history.

We would like to thank the QAPL steering committee, the ETAPS 2019 organisers, all the authors, the invited speakers, the programme committee, and the external referees for their valuable contributions.

July 2019, Alessandro Aldini and Herbert Wiklicky (Program Co-chairs)