Published: 31st December 2018
DOI: 10.4204/EPTCS.285
ISSN: 2075-2180


ML Family Workshop / OCaml Users and Developers workshops
Nara, Japan, September 22-23, 2016

Edited by: Kenichi Asai and Mark Shinwell

Kenichi Asai and Mark Shinwell
Typed Embedding of a Relational Language in OCaml
Dmitrii Kosarev and Dmitry Boulytchev
Eff Directly in OCaml
Oleg Kiselyov and KC Sivaramakrishnan
Generic Programming in OCaml
Florent Balestrieri and Michel Mauny
Sundials/ML: Connecting OCaml to the Sundials Numeric Solvers
Timothy Bourke, Jun Inoue and Marc Pouzet
Compiling with Continuations and LLVM
Kavon Farvardin and John Reppy


This volume of EPTCS comprises selected papers based on work presented at the ML Family Workshop and the OCaml Users and Developers Workshop in Nara, Japan, September 2016. The editors are grateful to the authors of the papers, all of whom have revised and substantially extended their works beyond their original submissions. The editors would also like to thank the anonymous reviewers who spent a considerable amount of time reading, commenting upon and re-reading the papers presented here.

Readers will find in the volume a wide spectrum of works showing a snapshot of the modern functional programming language community in the ML tradition. It is notable how these works often span the bridge between theory and practice. A relational language of theoretical interest is shown to be embeddable in OCaml; likewise for the theory of algebraic effects, using the Eff language and a prototype version of Multicore OCaml as vehicles. The area of improving programmer productivity and reducing the risk of software failure through generic programming is addressed in the volume; as is the burgeoning area of scientific computing using functional languages. Finally are presented techniques by which the compilation of such languages can be tightly incorporated with the state-of-the art LLVM compiler technology that is gaining widespread adoption for imperative languages.

The editors hope that the volume makes for interesting and thought-provoking reading.