Published: 16th May 2019
DOI: 10.4204/EPTCS.294
ISSN: 2075-2180


ML Family / OCaml Users and Developers workshops
Oxford, UK, 7th September 2017

Edited by: Sam Lindley and Gabriel Scherer

Extending OCaml's 'open'
Runhang Li and Jeremy Yallop
Effects Without Monads: Non-determinism – Back to the Meta Language
Oleg Kiselyov
Direct Interpretation of Functional Programs for Debugging
John Whitington and Tom Ridge
First-Class Subtypes
Jeremy Yallop and Stephen Dolan


We are pleased to present the joint post-proceedings of the 2017 edition of the ML Family Workshop and the OCaml Users and Developers Workshop in Oxford, UK, September 2017. All authors of presentations at the two workshops were invited to expand their submissions into full papers for inclusion in the post-proceedings.

We would like to thank the authors who prepared full papers from their workshop presentations, as well as the anonymous reviewers who spent considerable effort reading, commenting upon and re-reading the papers presented here. The result of this collective production records and presents a range of new ideas from our community.

Reflecting the breadth of the workshops themselves, the papers comprise two language extension papers (“Extending OCaml’s open” and “First-Class Subtypes”), a position paper (“Effects Without Monads: Non-determinism – Back to the Meta Language”), and a tool design paper (“Direct Interpretation of Functional Programs for Debugging”). The interplay between theory and practice is at the heart of all of the papers.

We hope you enjoy reading them.