Published: 24th December 2010
DOI: 10.4204/EPTCS.44
ISSN: 2075-2180


Proceedings International Workshop on
Strategies in Rewriting, Proving, and Programming
Edinburgh, UK, 9th July 2010

Edited by: Hélène Kirchner and César Muñoz

Strategic programming on graph rewriting systems
Maribel Fernández and Olivier Namet
Properties of Exercise Strategies
Alex Gerdes, Bastiaan Heeren and Johan Jeuring
Termination of Rewriting with and Automated Synthesis of Forbidden Patterns
Bernhard Gramlich and Felix Schernhammer
Loops under Strategies ... Continued
René Thiemann, Christian Sternagel, Jürgen Giesl and Peter Schneider-Kamp


This volume contains selected papers from the proceedings of the First International Workshop on Strategies in Rewriting, Proving, and Programming (IWS 2010), which was held on July 9, 2010, in Edinburgh, UK. IWS 2010 was organized as a satellite workshop of FLoC 2010. FLoC 2010 provided an excellent opportunity to foster exchanges between the communities of Rewriting and Programming on one side, and of Deduction and Proof engines on the other side. IWS2010 was a joint follow-up of two series of worshops, held since 1997: the Strategies workshops held by the CADE-IJCAR community and the Workshops on Reduction Strategies (WRS) held by the RTA-RDP community.

Strategies are ubiquitous in programming languages, automated deduction and reasoning systems. In the two communities of Rewriting and Programming on one side, and of Deduction and Proof engines (Provers, Assistants, Solvers) on the other side, workshops have been launched to make progress towards a deeper understanding of the nature of strategies, their descriptions, their properties, and their usage, in all kinds of computing and reasoning systems. Since more recently, strategies are also playing an important role in rewrite-based programming languages, verification tools and techniques like SAT/SMT engines or termination provers. Moreover strategies have come to be viewed more generally as expressing complex designs for control in computing, modeling, proof search, program transformation, and access control. Submissions on all aspects of strategies in rewriting, proving, and programming were invited.

The program committee of IWS 2010 consisted of

The technical program of the workshop consisted of 5 extended abstracts of regular papers, 3 works in progress, and 2 invited talks given by Dan Dougherty, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, on Game Strategies and Rule-Based Systems, and Assia Mahboubi, INRIA, on Organizing and Using Algebraic Structures in Large Developments of Formalized Mathematics. This volume contains 4 articles selected from revisited versions of the extended abstracts of regular papers presented at the workshop.

We are grateful to the members of the program committee and the exernal reviewers: Guillaume Burel, Matthias Horbach, Moa Johansson, and Felix Schernhammer, for their collaboration with the selection of papers. We would like to thank FLoC 2010 organizers for giving us the opportunity to hold this workshop as an affiliated event and for taking care of the organisational matters. Handling of the submissions and the discussion was done using EasyChair, whose developers are gratefully acknowledged. Finally, we are grateful to Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science (EPTCS) for accepting to publish this volume, and in particular Rob van Glabbeek for his support.

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Hélène Kirchner, César Muñoz
December 2010