Published: 3rd December 2009
DOI: 10.4204/EPTCS.12
ISSN: 2075-2180


Proceedings 2nd Interaction and Concurrency Experience
Structured Interactions
Bologna, Italy, 31st August 2009

Edited by: Filippo Bonchi, Davide Grohmann, Paola Spoletini and Emilio Tuosto

Filippo Bonchi, Davide Grohmann, Paola Spoletini and Emilio Tuosto
Choreographies with Secure Boxes and Compromised Principals
Marco Carbone and Joshua Guttman
Coordination via Interaction Constraints I: Local Logic
Dave Clarke and José Proença
Symbolic Implementation of Connectors in BIP
Mohamad Jaber, Ananda Basu and Simon Bliudze
Integrated Structure and Semantics for Reo Connectors and Petri Nets
Christian Krause
Session Types at the Mirror
Luca Padovani
A non-interleaving process calculus for multi-party synchronisation
Paweł Sobociński
Towards an embedding of Graph Transformation in Intuitionistic Linear Logic
Paolo Torrini and Reiko Heckel


This volume contains the proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Interaction and Concurrency Experience (ICE'09). The workshop was held in Bologna, Italy on 31st of August 2009, as a satellite event of CONCUR'09. The previous edition of ICE was affiliated to ICALP 2008 (Reykjavik, Iceland).

The ICE workshops are intended as a series of international scientific meetings oriented to researchers in various fields of theoretical computer science and, each year, the workshop focuses on a specific topic: ICE'09 focused on structured interactions meant as the class of synchronisations that go beyond the "simple" point-to-point synchronisations. Few examples of such structured interactions are: multicast or broadcast synchronisations, even-notification based interactions, time dependent interactions, distributed transactions, stateless/statefull interactions. As a matter of fact, different structured interactions are typically required when specifying views of a distributed system or when considering it at different levels of abstraction. For instance, multicast or broadcast interactions (desirable at a high level of abstraction) have to be mapped on more basic kind of interactions like point-to-point asynchronous synchronisations.

The Program Committee has selected the papers 7 included in this volume (selected among 10 submitted) after a careful revision process supported by an on-line forum fostering discussions among reviewers and authors. In fact, after the usual review phase, all the papers have been thoroughly discussed by the PC and their authors. As for ICE'08, the debates improved the quality of the accepted papers (as well as of the reviews) and stimulated the scientific discussions during the event.

ICE'09 also featured the invited talks of Farhad Arbab and Paul Blain Levy (jointly with SOS09).

The selection has been carried out by the program committee of ICE'09, which consisted of the editors of this volume and

We express our gratitude to the Program Committee, the invited speakers, the authors and all the participants who attended the workshop. We are also very grateful to the CONCUR'09 workshops chair, Ivan Lanese, for taking care of most of the local organization. Finally, we thank the editorial board of EPTCS and in particular Rob van Glabbeek for his assistance during the editing of this volume.

Filippo Bonchi (CWI, Netherland)
Davide Grohmann (University of Udine)
Paola Spoletini (University of Insubria - Como)
Emilio Tuosto (University of Leicester)