Published: 22nd September 2023
DOI: 10.4204/EPTCS.389
ISSN: 2075-2180


Proceedings 7th Symposium on
Working Formal Methods
Bucharest, Romania, 21-22 September 2023

Edited by: Horaţiu Cheval, Laurenţiu Leuştean and Andrei Sipoş

Modelling and Search-Based Testing of Robot Controllers Using Enzymatic Numerical P Systems
Radu Traian Bobe, Florentin Ipate and Ionuţ Mihai Niculescu
Using Z3 to Verify Inferences in Fragments of Linear Logic
Alen Docef, Radu Negulescu and Mihai Prunescu
q-Overlaps in the Random Exact Cover Problem
Gabriel Istrate and Romeo Negrea
Matching-Logic-Based Understanding of Polynomial Functors and their Initial/Final Models
Dorel Lucanu
A Parallel Dynamic Epistemic Perspective over Muddy Children Puzzle
Bogdan Macovei
Enumerating All Maximal Clique-Partitions of an Undirected Graph
Mircea Marin, Temur Kutsia, Cleo Pau and Mikheil Rukhaia
A Formalized Extension of the Substitution Lemma in Coq
Maria J. D. Lima and Flávio L. C. de Moura
While Loops in Coq
David Nowak and Vlad Rusu
Privacy-preserving Linear Computations in Spiking Neural P Systems
Mihail-Iulian Plesa, Marian Gheorghe and Florentin Ipate
Benchmarking Local Robustness of High-Accuracy Binary Neural Networks for Enhanced Traffic Sign Recognition
Andreea Postovan and Mădălina Eraşcu
Symmetric Functions over Finite Fields
Mihai Prunescu
Identifying Vulnerabilities in Smart Contracts using Interval Analysis
Ştefan-Claudiu Susan and Andrei Arusoaie
Asynchronous Muddy Children Puzzle (work in progress)
Dafina Trufaș, Ioan Teodorescu, Denisa Diaconescu, Traian Șerbănuță and Vlad Zamfir


The Working Formal Methods Symposium (FROM) is a series of workshops that aim to bring together researchers and practitioners who work on formal methods by contributing new theoretical results, methods, techniques, and frameworks, and/or by creating or using software tools that apply theoretical contributions.

This volume contains the papers presented at Seventh Working Formal Methods Symposium (FROM 2023) held in Bucharest, Romania on September 21-22, 2023. The symposium was co-organized by the University of Bucharest and the Institute for Logic and Data Science and was co-located with the ILDS-FMI Coq and Lean Autumn School.

The scientific program consisted of invited talks by:

and thirteen contributed papers, which deal with varied topics such as matching logic, static analysis, interactive and automatic theorem proving, epistemic logics, graph theory, computational algebra, neural networks, and P-systems.

The members of the Programme Committee for the workshop were:

We would like to thank the members of the programme committee and the reviewers for their effort, the authors for their contributions, EPTCS for publishing this volume and Rob van Glabbeek for his immense support to us as editors. We are also grateful for the generous support of our sponsors: BRD – Groupe Société Générale and Runtime Verification.

Horaţiu Cheval
Laurenţiu Leuştean
Andrei Sipoş

Bucharest, 2023