Published: 8th November 2018
DOI: 10.4204/EPTCS.283
ISSN: 2075-2180


Proceedings of the 2018 Workshop on
Compositional Approaches in Physics, NLP, and Social Sciences
Nice, France, 2-3rd September 2018

Edited by: Martha Lewis, Bob Coecke, Jules Hedges, Dimitri Kartsaklis and Dan Marsden

Towards Compositional Distributional Discourse Analysis
Bob Coecke, Giovanni de Felice, Dan Marsden and Alexis Toumi
Information Flow in Pregroup Models of Natural Language
Peter M. Hines
Applying Distributional Compositional Categorical Models of Meaning to Language Translation
Brian Tyrrell
Translating and Evolving: Towards a Model of Language Change in DisCoCat
Tai-Danae Bradley, Martha Lewis, Jade Master and Brad Theilman
Quantum Semantic Correlations in Hate and Non-Hate Speeches
Francesco Galofaro, Zeno Toffano and Bich-Liên Doan
Internal Wiring of Cartesian Verbs and Prepositions
Bob Coecke, Martha Lewis and Dan Marsden
Towards Functorial Language-Games
Jules Hedges and Martha Lewis
Classical Copying versus Quantum Entanglement in Natural Language: The Case of VP-ellipsis
Gijs Wijnholds and Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh


This volume contains the Proceedings of the 2018 Workshop on Compositional Approaches for Physics, NLP, and Social Sciences (CAPNS 2018) which was help on 2nd-3rd of September 2018 at Nice, France, and was collocated with Quantum Interaction 2018. The workshop was a continuation and extension of the Workshop on Semantic Spaces at the Intersection of NLP, Physics and Cognitive Science held in June 2016.

The central theme of the workshop was the ability to compose parts in order to form a more complex whole, and to analyze a whole as a combination of elements. The workshop brought together researchers applying compositional approaches to physics, NLP, cognitive science, and game theory. The interaction between these disciplines has been proved a fertile ground for research. Game theory in cognitive science is a well-established area, while game theoretic approaches have been applied in linguistics. Furthermore, the study of linguistics and cognitive science is intimately intertwined. Physics supplies compositional approaches via vector spaces and categorical quantum theory, allowing the interplay between these disciplines to be examined.

This edition of the workshop consisted of nine presentations of selected contributed papers, and an invited talk from Prof. Paul Smolensky (Johns Hopkins University). Each submission was refereed by at least two members of the Programme Committee, who delivered detailed and insightful comments and suggestions. The Programme Chairs would like to thank Prof. Paul Smolensky for enriching the workshop with his talk, as well as all the Programme Committee members for their excellent service.

The workshop was funded by the NWO Veni project "Metaphorical Meanings for Artificial Agents". We would also like to thank Eric Guerci for the local organization.

October 2018
B. Coecke, J. Hedges, D. Kartsaklis,
M. Lewis, D. Marsden

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