Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science

Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science (EPTCS) is an international refereed open access venue for the rapid electronic publication of the proceedings of workshops and conferences, and of Festschriften, etc, in the general area of theoretical computer science, broadly construed.

We do not charge authors or event organisers for electronic publication in EPTCS in any way. If hard-copies of proceedings are desired, event organisers have the choice of organising the printing themselves or taking advantage of standard contracts we have made with several printing houses. Copyright on all papers is retained by the author, and full-text electronic access to all papers is freely available, without any need for registration or subscription. Permanent archival of EPTCS content is ensured by organising the series as an overlay of the Computing Research Repository (CoRR): see arXiv.org. In addition, a printed version of the entire series is available to subscribers.

EPTCS is published by the Open Publishing Association. Authors need to sign this non-exclusive license to distribute their paper.

Quality Control

Event organisers may apply for publication of proceedings or Festschriften as an issue of EPTCS by filling in this form and writing to a member of our editorial board whose scientific interests are closest to the topic of that event. Such an application needs to contain a detailed description of the way in which the papers that are considered for publication in that issue are being refereed. The application will be granted only if we trust the event to consistently select scientific papers of quality. This trust may be instilled through the organisers of the event, the program committee members, and (if applicable) the quality of earlier editions. Once an application has been granted, the refereeing is left entirely in the hands of the committee established for this purpose by the event organisers, and our staff will perform a quick check of format and contents only.

Pre- and Post-proceedings

Workshops and conferences can choose between proceedings that will be online when the event takes place, or post-proceedings, that will appear after the event, thereby giving authors the opportunity to incorporate insights gathered during the event into their papers. In the latter case, volume editors are expected to publish the proceedings in EPTCS at the latest within one year after the event. The Editorial Board reserves the right to intervene if a delay occurs; for example, by nominating new volume editors.

Regardless which option is chosen, we also facilitate the generation of pdf-proceedings out of the author-supplied LaTeX sources to print and distribute at the event. Such printed proceedings may precede the official online proceedings, and may also contain additional material.

Acknowledgment of Support

EPTCS gratefully acknowledges financial support from ETAPS and website hosting by the School of Computer Science and Engineering at UNSW, Australia.

Information for Authors and Event Organisers

Only original papers will be considered: manuscripts are accepted for review with the understanding that the same work has not been published, nor is presently submitted, elsewhere. However, full versions of extended abstracts published in EPTCS, or substantial revisions, may later be published elsewhere. »more»

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