DPST1091 19T2 Home Computing Introduction to Programming

Connecting to CSE using vlab

 We strongly suggest using vlab to connect to your cse account from home or from your laptop.

Please follow these step by step instructions to get you started.

Instructions for Connecting Using vlab from Windows or Macs

Help video for running vlab from your windows computer

Help video for running vlab from your mac computer"

Instructions for Setting up vlab for Other Devices (devices that are not macs or windows)

Transferring Files To and From CSE

Sometimes you may need to transfer files to and from your cse account and your local machine.

Please use this guide if you need to try it for yourself.

Transferring Files instructions

Help video for Transferring Files between cse and a Mac (or linux)

Other Alternatives to Connecting to CSE

If you successfully set up and used vlab you will most likley not need to try these other alternatives. 

But if you wish, click on the icon for your platform for more information.


Windows at Home
Using Windows at home

Mac at Home
Using Mac at Home

Complete Home Computing Video Playlist