Editors: Neovim

Voted the most loved editor for the second year in the row, Neovim is a self proclaimed "hyper extensible" Vim-based text editor. It is a fork of vim, focused purely on customisation, and usability. In the wider Rust community, Neovim is extremely popular. Neovim Screenshot To install Neovim, you can follow the instructions on the Neovim GitHub page. You should use the latest stable version of Neovim, such that you have access to the Language Server Protocol update. This post outlines the best way to setup neovim for Rust development. When you have finished, you should hopefully have access to the following features:
  • Inlay hints
  • Code Completion
  • Code Actions
  • Code Navigation
  • Code Highlighting
  • Diagnostics
  • RustFormat
  • and any other customisation you choose to add!
You can also use popular "pre-configured" neovim configurations, popular ones include AstroNvim and NvChad (pictured above). There also exists projects such as Neovide, a graphical user interface for Neovim.