Unfortunately, I only had time to use the myexperience survey this year. See the PDF here

Thanks for the positive feedback. The course seems to have run near its usual standard for the majority enroled. While I supported a lot of online study previously, a lot of stuff was constantly happening in the background, so it's pleasing to see that it made it look like the transition to online was pretty smooth.


It seems that uni/lecture attendance was the motivator to study and keep up for some. That's pretty hard to replace. I'm reluctant to add more quizzes or similar to force the pace due to the already high workload. Routine and self discipline is hard when stuck at home for a long time.


The social aspect of participating in the course was also missed. The inefficient interaction in group work was also commented on. Hmmm, maybe I need to point out the tools available (Teams, Zoom, etc…), though I would have thought CS students would be pretty familiar with collaborating online.


Internet connection issues came up a few times. I did record some low-bandwidth video for download. Unfortunately, live online tools assume a reasonable connection.


I'd advertise the availability of consultations more heavily next time (hoping there is not a "next time"). I did try a general "ask me anything" in the normal lecture time, and attendance was lacking - about 12 of 450 enrolled, and most just lurked.


Online recorded tutorials got a bit of positive feedback (first time using them). It might be something we can experiment with in the post COVID-19 world for a subset of the course.

Unfortunately, myexperience does not survey specifics about the course. I tuned a lot of things this term related to UNSW 3+ and they seem to have gone mostly unnoticed. I'll interpret that as a positive for now.

Thanks again for your input.