Lab questions / Exam Comparison

This is a short list to give examples of some lab and test questions that are a similar difficulty and style to the exam. Please note that these aren't guarantees -- the exam will not be exactly like these questions (the best indication of the style of question in the exam is the prac_exam and week 10 weekly test). This is however a good list of questions to make sure you've done:

painterbot A very easy q3.
reverse_array A hard q3.
going_electric Similar to a q5, q5 will be more conceptually simple
array_sum_prod An easy q1
advanced_addition An easy q5.
largest_z_sum An easy q5.
list_contains A very easy q1.
list_insert_nth q4.
list_insert_tail q4.
list_reverse q6.
list_increasing q2
list_delete_first q4
count_bigger q1
secret_code Easy q3
list_length Easy q2
list_delete_second_last Q4
list_delete_ordered Q6

We also received requests to release some questions that are comparable to q7 and q8. Unfortunately, we don't have many questions that are exactly of that standard, so here are a few links to problems online that are vaguely similar to q7 or q8 level questions. They are not written in the same way as COMP1511 questions, nor are they officially endorsed by COMP1511.

We make no guarantee that the questions here are exactly like q7 or q8, but we think that completing these questions in C will give you some level of practice for the exam.


- nested_division from lab10



- knights_move from lab10

(we keep an eye out for other q7 and q8 level questions, but unfortunately given the time and effort it takes to write them; and the fact that it's difficult to appropriately tailor a question for the learning outcomes, it's difficult for us to provide many examples. We will update this list as we find more).

Addendum: Other Resources

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