COMP1511 Final Exam

3rd December
1-7pm (6 hours)
Total number of Questions
20 Short Answer Questions & 8 Practical Questions
Total number of marks
Distribution of marks
20 marks for Short Answer Questions, and 80 marks for Practical Questions
Deliberate violation of these exam conditions will be referred to Student Integrity Unit as serious misconduct, which may result in penalties up to and including a mark of 0 in COMP1511 and exclusion from UNSW.

Exam submissions will be checked, both automatically and manually, for any occurrences of plagiarism.

By starting this exam, as a student of The University of New South Wales, you do solemnly and sincerely declare that you have not seen any part of this specific examination paper for the above course prior to attempting this exam, nor have any details of the exam's contents been communicated to you. In addition, you will not disclose to any University student any information contained in the abovementioned exam for a period of 24 hrs after the exam. Violation of this agreement is considered Academic Misconduct and penalties may apply.

For more information, read the UNSW Student Code, or contact the Course Account.

Exam Hurdle Requirement

The course has TWO hurdles in the final exam that you must meet to pass the course:

Exam Environment

Language Restriction

Fit to Sit

By sitting or submitting an assessment on the scheduled assessment date, a student is declaring that they are fit to do so and cannot later apply for Special Consideration.

If, during an exam a student feels unwell to the point that they cannot continue with the exam, they should take the following steps:

  1. Stop working on the exam and take note of the time
  2. Contact us immediately, using, and advise us that you are unwell
  3. Immediately submit a Special Consideration application saying that you felt ill during the exam and were unable to continue
  4. If you were able to advise us of the illness during the assessment (as above), attach screenshots of this conversation to the Special Consideration application

Technical Issues

If you experience a technical issue, you should take the following steps:

  1. If your issue is with the connection to CSE, please follow the following steps:
  2. If things are still NOT working, take screenshots of as many of the following as possible:
  3. Contact should be made immediately to advise us of the issue at
  4. A Special Consideration application should be submitted immediately after the conclusion of the assessment, along with the appropriate screenshots.